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Are All Pickleball Paddles the Same Size? - PAKLE

Are All Pickleball Paddles the Same Size?

Did you know that your pickleball paddle goes a long way in determining your play performance? A good paddle can enhance control, power, and overall playing experience.


So are pickleball paddles the same size? Picklepaddle have various sizes to cater to diverse player needs. Keep reading to see the different pickleball paddle sizes, lengths, widths, thicknesses and how  these dimensions can impact your gameplay on the court.


Every pickleball enthusiast or player must understand the peculiarities of the different types, shapes and sizes of pickleball paddles. This way, you’ll get to make an informed choice  in choosing the perfect paddle to suit your playing style and a grip that fits your hand size.

Understanding Pickleball Paddle Dimensions

The USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) has official standards for optimum pickleball shapes, dimensions and sizes. The USAPA also has established specific minimum and maximum limits for each pickleball paddle size.

Maximum leg length is 17 inches while the wodth is  7 to 8.25 inches. Note that, there is no specific restriction on thickness of paddles.  However, the combined length and width of the paddle cannot exceed 24 inches. Pickleball paddles are about 1.25 inches deep, and the handle is 4 to 5.5 inches long. However, the grip area is about 4 to 4.5 inches.

Any paddle that exceeds any of these required dimensions is considered non-conforming and cannot be used in official competitions. Note that this rule doesn’t mean you can’t use this paddle for casual play.

Why Paddle Size Matters

Your paddle size affects three critical aspects of gameplay: control, power, and reach.

A small paddle is generally popular because it offers more control and precision on the ball while playing. In contrast, a larger paddle packs the required punch and offers more power while hitting the pickleball.

This takes us to the style of play. Most often than not, you're either a power player or a control player. You'll inevitably tilt towards one side more. Power players would without a doubt prefer larger paddles. Control players, on the other hand, would pick smaller Pickleball paddles in a heartbeat.

Singles and doubles play also require different paddle sizes. In singles, players need to cover more court area, so a larger paddle provides the necessary reach and power. In doubles however, players cover less spaces on the court, and the best bet for doubles players is the smaller paddle as it offers more control and precision. The grip size is also essential. You must choose a paddle that fits your grip size perfectly. A paddle with too small or too large grip can cause discomfort when you’re playing.

Types of Pickleball Paddles Based on Size

Standard-sized Paddles

The standard-sized paddles are the most popularly used paddles. These paddles conform to the USAPA standards with 7 to 8 inches width and 15 to 17 inches long. The standard sized paddle grants you the luxury of  a well-balanced combination of power and control while you’re on the court.

Oversized Paddles

Oversized Paddles, as the name implies, do not conform to the USAPA standards and can only be used for casual plays and not official plays, tournaments or competitions.  Their average dimensions are 8 to 9 inches wide by 17 to 19 inches long. Although oversized, it has its own good sides. Their bigger surface area allows players to make stronger strokes on the ball.

Elongated Paddles

Elongated paddles are normally between 18 and 20 inches long, while their breadth measures about 6 or 7 inches. The smaller width combined with the extended length makes this paddle an ideal choice if you're looking to cover more space on the court. It's best for singles players and may not work well for doubles players who need precision more than power in their gameplay.

Widebody Paddle

A widebody paddle means a bigger striking surface. Their length is normally between 15 and 17 inches, but their breadth is extremely broad, usually 9 to 10 inches. You get to play powerful shots all day on the court but you would have to compromise a little on control.

Choosing the Right Paddle Size for You

Take our word for it and take this as your absolute pickleball paddle selection guide.

With various paddle sizes available, you must evaluate your playing style, skill level, and personal preferences to determine the ideal paddle size. Do you prioritise power and reach or control and precision? Do you have a strong swing or a gentle touch?

Answering these questions will help you narrow down the search for the perfect paddle size.

The best way to find the right paddle size is to try out different options. Borrow paddles from friends, try demos, or purchase a few different sizes to experiment. Pay attention to how the paddle feels in your hand, its balance, and its performance on the court. You may be surprised at how a slightly larger or smaller paddle can impact your gameplay.

Weight and balance are critical factors in paddle size selection. A paddle that is too heavy is guaranteed to be uncomfortable when you’re on  the court. You can’t bring your “A game” if you’re not comfortable. Best advice? Check for paddles with a balanced weight distribution, and the material.

Popular Pickleball Paddles at Pakle Pickleball

Silence - Carbon Fiber Core Pickleball Paddle

The "Silence" pickleball paddle definitely brought its “A game” to the court with its SCR-A core and T700 Raw carbon fiber surface. What does this do? It reduces noise levels by close to 20% and is packed with greater hitting power of over 30%. It is best for intermediate to pro players who value power over control.


The features of this pickleball paddle are immense. Where do we start from? It has a distinct unibody hot pressing thermoform construction, plus a suitable ergonomic grip. This is one of the few paddles that promises you silence and power simultaneously. Think of the effect of a silencer and a very potent weapon, the ultimate killing machine. You’ll be untouchable on the court. It’s the perfect quiet pickleball paddle.

The Blade X pickleball

This paddle features a 100% DuPont™ Kevlar® surface plus a 16mm honeycomb polymer core. You know what that means? You get to enjoy both power and control. The paddle's perfect balance and weight distribution makes it a top choice for intermediate to pro players. Sometimes you can eat your cake and have it; the Blade X pickleball allows you to choose both power and control.

The Amethyst youth pickleball paddle

Welcome to the youth pickleball paddle.It has a compact size and lightweight carbon fiber construction for precision and control. It sorts of strikes a balance between power and agility, making it ideal for beginner youth players. With a polypropylene honeycomb core and a wide body shape, it’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for a junior pickleball paddles or kids pickleball paddles.



The right pickleball paddle shape and size can significantly enhance your gameplay. On the other hand, a poorly fitting paddle will in fact do the opposite and the game you love to play might slowly end up becoming a chore.


So here’s our candid advice; don't be afraid to try out various options. Get rid of that fear. It’s not a decision you should rush into, take your time and find that pickleball paddle that will be an extension of yourself on the court.


The best part? Your search for the best pickleball that will suit you perfectly ends at Pakle Pickleball. They have an extensive collection of paddles just for you and we won’t leave you hanging, we will guide you every step of the way. So what do you need? A standard issued pickleball paddle, a custom pickleball paddle, or cover ?  Pakle Pickle has all that you need!



How many pickleball paddles do you need?

It largely depends on you actually. You could get away with one pickleball paddle if you play casually. If you play frequently, it’s best you don’t have less than two paddles. It will help reduce the chances of damage to your paddle. However, if you play competitively, it goes without saying that you need to get two, three or more.

Can pickleball paddles get wet? 

Yes! Do not submerge your paddle inside water or any other liquid. However, if that happens, dry off the paddle as soon as possible to mitigate any damage.  

How many holes should a pickleball have?

There are no stern regulations spelling out the number of holes a pickleball must have. Hence, the number of holes on a pickleball depends on whether it is an indoor or outdoor pickleball. Indoor pickleballs generally have 26 holes while outdoor pickleballs have about 40 holes.  

How do you count pickleball?

It’s very simple. Generally pickleball is a point game. The winner is the first to get to 11 points but must also be ahead by at least 2 points to be declared the winner. In competitive games, the number on the left represents the server’s score and the number on the right represents the receiver’s score.

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