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What Size of Pickleball Paddle Do I need? - PAKLE

What Size of Pickleball Paddle Do I need?

Did you know pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States?


 Let's take a step back. Is this your first time hearing about pickleball? Are you curious about its recent growing popularity? Here’s one fun fact about pickleball games; it combine the features of tennis, badminton, and ping pong.


Pickleball is an indoor and outdoor sport that anyone, both young and old can play. This means that you can play as a professional or as a bonding sport. All you need to play is a pickleball paddle and a plastic ball with holes. However, your paddle will determine whether or not you will enjoy your pickleball game. Hence,  you need to choose the right quality and right paddle size to have a good game.


Your paddle should also be suitable and comfortable for use. The pickleball paddle's grip size, weight and shape, all determine the level of comfort you will experience in your game.


The next set of questions that comes to mind is — How do I get the right Pickleball Paddle ? Where do I get it from? Well, here is your best pickleball paddle selection guide!


Understanding Paddle Weight

A pickleball game is incomplete without a pickleball paddle. Thankfully, there are many options for players to choose from depending on material composition, style, design or weight. There are also many custom pickleball paddles options for players with specific needs. In this sea of choices, you must understand that it is not every paddle that you can use.You need to select a paddle whose weight matches your skill level and comfort. Let’s explore the types of paddle based on weight.


1. Lightweight Paddles (6 - 7.5 Ounces)

Are you new to pickleball? Then the lighwight paddles are your best bet! These paddles are the most suitable and comfortable for beginners. However, this does not mean that seasoned players cannot use it and they can also serve as kids' pickleball paddle.


Lightweight paddles weigh about 6 - 7.5 ounces, and they provide more precision and control. These paddles are also very easy on the arm and you don't have to use a pickleball wrist brace to prevent soreness or pain.

2. Heavy Paddles

Heavy pickleball paddles weigh 8 ounces or more are perfect for players who prioritize power over finesse. Quick advice — if you have any sort of underlying arm pain, do not get this paddle because it might cause you more pain and soreness. Heavy paddles reduce your swing because of their weight. However, you don't have to swing with force because the paddle is sturdy enough to hit the ball with power and force.


How to Choose the Right Paddle

Now, it is clear that you need to weigh your options( pun intended) when you want to select your pickleball paddle. Are you confused about how to choose a paddle, we have something for you!


  • First things first, if you have underlying health issues, choose a lightweight paddle that won't stress you or aggravate your condition.
  • Select your pickleball paddle based on your playing style.
  • Assess your physical strength before choosing a paddle. How do you do this? You can assess your physical strength by doing warm-ups or reaching out to professionals.
  • Do not hesitate to try out different paddles to find your perfect choice!


Finding the right paddle can take some time and energy. Nevertheless, do not sweat it or look further! Pakle has a variety of pickleball paddles that will be perfect for you. At Pakle, best believe that you will find THE ONE!


Grip Size

Your pickleball paddle grip size matters to your overall play as well as preventing any form of injury. A small grip size will make your hand expend more energy in a bid to hold it firm, and it might make the paddle slip off your hand frequently. Similarly, a large grip size can put unnecessary stress on your arm, hand, and wrist. All these emphasize the fact that you need to find the right grip size. Here's how to:


  • Get a ruler or measuring tape.
  • Open your palm, and check the bunch of lines and creases running through it. You'll see two large lines in the middle with both lines facing each other at opposite ends. Each of these lines runs horizontally, side to side.
  • Grab the ruler or measuring tape and line it up with your middle finger. Measure the line up to the top of your ring finger.
  • The measurement will probably fall around 4 to 5 inches. You can start with a grip of that size.


Regardless of this easy measuring hack, it is possible that you don’t find your pickleball paddle grip size until you try out different paddles.There are different grip sizes at Pakle and if you are one of those that can't find their grip size in the market, best believe that you'll find your paddle there.


Paddle Dimensions and Player's Height

Now that you know how important your pickleball paddle's grip size and weight are, it is time to walk you through standard pickleball paddle dimensions.


  • The standard length of a pickleball paddle is between 15.5” - 17” (39.37 - 43.18 cm).


  • The width is between 7”-8.25” (177.8 - 209.6 mm), and a depth of 1.25” (31.8 mm).


  • The length of the handle of a standard paddle  is between 4”-5.5” (101.6 - 139.7 mm)


  • The grip circumference is usually between 4”- 4.5” (101.6 - 114.3 mm).


  • The mass of a pickleball paddle is usually between 6.5 - 9.5 oz (185 - 270 g).


  • The combined width and length of a pickleball paddle cannot exceed 24" (61 cm).


You must note that the standard sizes will not work for everyone. You must choose your paddle based on your height and reach. Here are some pickleball paddle grip sizes and their suitable heights:


  • Height below 5’ 3” (160cm)  sould use a paddle with  4” circumference (10.2cm)


  • 5’ 3” to 5’ 8” (160-173cm) height should choose a paddle with 4.25” circumference (10.8cm)


  • Above 5’ 8” (173cm)  should choose a paddle with 4.5” circumference (11.4cm)


Play Style

You need to consider your play style when you want to choose a pickleball paddle. Do you thrive on power and aggressive shots? Or do you do better in control and precision?


Power players prioritize paddles that exude strength and speed. They are usually heavier with larger sweet spots, which allows you to hit the ball with more force. If you love to give powerful smashes during a pickleball game, a power-oriented paddle will compliment you. These paddles will help you drive the ball with confidence and maintain a high-energy game.


On the other hand, if you are a control and finesse player, control-focused paddles are for you! They are lighter, have textured surfaces that help in spinning the ball and placing shots with accuracy. These paddles allow you manoeuver shots easily, enablingng you to execute delicate drop shots, lobs, and strategically placed hits. They are great for you if you prefer a thoughtful, calculated approach to the game.


Overall, to choose the right paddle, reflect on your strengths and how you enjoy playing the game. Do you feel more in control when you're hitting hard and fast? Or do you excel in making strategic shots?

 Got your answer? Now choose a paddle that best suit your needs.  


Trying Before Buying

Testing different paddles before buying is very important. This singular act can make a world of difference, ensuring you find one that truly matches your play style and needs.


`Some clubs have a selection of paddles you can borrow, and the best way to test paddles before buying is to try out many options in practice sessions. These paddles give you the chance to get a feel for different weights, grips, and materials.


Note tat you don’t just carry te paddles for fun wen testing. Effective testing means being mindful of several factors. Pay attention to the weight, does it feel too heavy or too light? Consider the pickleball paddle grip size and texture, does it offer a secure hold, or does it slip during play? Carefully check the paddle balance and how it impacts your swing and control.


In addition, many companies, like Pakle, offer demo programs and trial offers. These programs allow you to try out different paddles at home or on the court without committing to a purchase. For exmaple, Pakle as a demo program tat allows customers to test a range of paddles for a set period, giving you ample time to determine which one suits you best. Sounds good right? You can take advantage of such offers to make wise decisions.


Anyone can play pickleball However, the sport would lose its fun and essence if you don’t have the right paddle. On the other hand, finding the right paddle can be a hassle but that's where Pakle comes in. They have different paddles that accommodate factors like weight and grip size.


Again, you need to consider your Paddle's weight. You don't want to constantly have to wear a pickleball wrist brace to hold up your Paddle's weight. Follow the steps we have given to get your pickleball paddle grip size.


If you already have uncomfortable  paddle, this is your cue to change it. Get a new one today and say bye to a boring and stressful pickleball game!


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