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How to Add Texture to Your Outdoor Pickleball Paddle? - PAKLE

How to Add Texture to Your Outdoor Pickleball Paddle?

Are you here because you are fond of playing pickleball or just want to know what pickleball is?  Pickleball is a sport in which you get an ingenious blend of different games like tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. It has gained much popularity across communities worldwide.

Paddles are an important part of pickleball and they have developed over a long duration of time to get derived as a popular game. In earlier times,  outdoor pickleball paddles were made up of wood.

As time passed and this game got more and more popular among the players, the ideas about the production and material of pickleball paddle progressed as well.

Why Texture Matters?

Yes, that’s a very important question why does the texture of a pickleball paddle matter so much? If you use a smooth outdoor pickleball paddle, the balls can fall out of the restraint during the game. It results in bad shots and less precision and accuracy.

Contrary to this,  it may help you in getting a steadier grip on your ball if you add roughness to your paddle,.

Most of all, it may improve your game as a whole.  Your hands will not get sweaty if you play with a rough outdoor pickleballs paddle. The reason is that the rough surface can absorb the moisture in a better way. It makes it easier for you to hold the paddle throughout the game.

Moreover, if a pickleball paddle is your favorite game and you frequently play with it, then obviously, you must invest in a pickleball wrist brace for your wrist health.

How to Get the Best?

Here is a pickleball paddle selection guide that you must follow to choose the best quality and texture of the pickleball paddle. You can find great options at Pakel, which is the best and most well-known brand of pickleballs. Just try Pets Party Pickleball Paddles.


  • These have lightweight fiberglass faces, whereas the core is usually made up of a polypropylene honeycomb.
  • These are perfect for newbies to learn the game, and people of any age and skill can begin the fun of the outdoor pickleball paddle.
  • The shape of the paddle is extra large because it provides a larger sweet spot to the gamer.
  • These contain protective edge guards, which makes it possible for you to swing your paddle smoothly without getting worried.
  • The product is designed in such a way that you can handle it comfortably and safely. So you can play and continue your game for a long duration of time without getting tired.
  • These are lightweight and engineered to reduce stress on your elbows and shoulders.

Materials Needed

You can make the best pickleball paddle with materials that sound safe, and there is no legal prohibition on their use.

  • You must use the pickleball set that is made up of intact and non-compressible metal. This is the best material for a pickleball paddle.
  • The surface of the pickleball paddle that hits the ball must not have fissures, layers, holes, or impressions. All these elements can cause damage to the texture and skin of your pickleball paddle and you may lose your gaming weapon sadly.
  • The overall length and width of the garment, with any edge guards or butt caps, must not be more than 24 inches.
  • Moreover, the length of the pickleball set is limited to 17 inches. It would be the best for you to choose a paddle that has the model number and a brand of the company that has made it. You can see the necessary information about the model and brand on each paddle if you have brought it from a compny.  

Preparing Your Paddle

You can texture an outdoor pickleball paddle in different ways according to your specific needs.

Grip Tape

A grip tape gives fast access to texture to your pickleball at a very low cost. For this, you just need to cut a piece of tape to the accurate size and attach it to the pickleball racket, which makes it easy.

You don’t need to be worried about your paddle which developes a reliable texture because the tape used for the grip is easy to replace if it wears out gradually. If you want to get a strong grip that makes you stand out in the competition, the CARBON FIBER PICKLEBALL PADDLE is the best.

 Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Texture

Here are some ways you can follow to add the texture to your pickleball paddle more perfectly.

1. Sandpaper Method

If you want to get a fast and easy way to add texture to the pickleball paddle, the sandpaper method must be your preferred choice. You can make an irregular layer on a pickleball set by using fine-grit sandpaper. You can softly sand the outer layer of your paddle in circular motions as far as you achieve the appropriate texture.

You must remember that extravagant sanding can be harmful to the paddles, so be careful when you are sanding and check this texture repeatedly.

 2. Adhesive Sprays and Powders

    The pickleball paddle sprayer is a popular choice to make the best pickleball paddle because it is among the efficient and easy ways to add texture to your paddle texture. It is quite effective and straightforward to do because spraying the coating on the paddle handle is all that you require.

    When you are choosing which method you will use, please remember that a texture might not remain as long with this method as it might with a few additional alternatives.

    After finding out which type of texture is the best for the pickleball paddle, you may apply it and try the material to find out how well it feels. If you want to enjoy a better grip and control, use one textured paddle.

    Tips on achieving uniform texture and avoiding over-sanding

    Don’t Go Over

    It would be hard for you to operate the outdoor pickleball paddle if there is an excessive texture, so always use caution when you are adding texture. It is better to start with a delicate texture and build up as you need.

    Try it Out

    When you are done by giving the texture to the pickleball paddle of your kid, just take it for a spin on your court. You should notice how a paddle feels within your hand, along with the way it affects your shots.

    If you are not satisfied with the appearance, you can try an alternative technique or reduce the quantity of material.

    Aftercare and Maintenance

    After enhancing the texture of your pickleball paddle, make sure that you will provide it with a consistent and proper treatment. Safeguard it with a cover to avoid scratches or damage, and refrain from exposing it to extreme heat and dampness.

    This care elevates your experience of the sport significantly. By taking outstanding care of your paddle and protecting it from damage, it can last through many more matches. You can increase the roughness of your pickleball paddle by strongly adhering to these tips. So, for sure you are going to enjoy a much better gaming experience this time.

    Benefits of Adding Texture Pickleball Paddle

    It is a fantastic way to add roughness to the paddle because it is beneficial in pickleball. You may gain better control and precision when playing through it, just same as in the PULSE POWER Pickleball paddle.

    When you add texture to your paddle, it can help you get more spin and control on the ball when hitting it.

    This makes it easier to place shots in areas your opponent cannot reach. As you enhance your grip and control, your overall performance on the court improves. You will achieve shots with greater precision while better managing the ball, leading to more victories.

    Additionally, a textured paddle surface boosts safety on the court. With a firmer grip on the paddle, the chances of dropping it and losing control mid-game reduce, thereby protecting both you and other players.

    Overall, the benefits of enhancing the appearance of the pickleball paddle outweigh any drawbacks. Nevertheless, take these factors into account before replacing the paddle permanently.


    How to add texture to a pickleball paddle? Personal opinion leads the surface. The additional texture may be helpful to certain players, but it may be unpleasant or distracting to others. It is important to experiment with a variety of textures to determine which one suits you the best.

    FAQ Section

    Q. Can I Add Grit To the outdoor Pickleball Paddle?

    Yes, of course you can. It can be a tricky task to grit on all faces of a paddle. Normally, if the quantity of grit is on the paddle, it would be better. It is not a hard and fast rule that you should work this way, but generally, it is effective. The USAP even has a regulatory check on the amount of grit, and it is applicable to a paddle.

    Q. Can You Put Stickers On A Pickleball Paddle?

    The current regulations of pickleball stipulate that the surface of the paddle cannot have texturing or additional procedures. It excludes the risk of accidents and injuries that can be acquired during production and regular use. Moreover, decals and stickers may not be allowed to be added to one surface of a pickleball paddle in official events.

    Q. How Do You Customize A Pickleball Paddle?

    One way of customization is through the face of the paddle; many companies can apply a single custom image or choose a color scheme to match your taste. Another popular adjustment involves adding or subtracting lead tape to alter the heft and balance of the paddle.


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