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How to Clean Your Kevlar Face Pickleball Paddle? - PAKLE

How to Clean Your Kevlar Face Pickleball Paddle?

Kevlar, being the hottest pickleball paddle material of 2024, whether you're using the 6.0 Ruby, Kinetic, J2K, or our Blade X series, the dust and marks left on the kevlar surface can be quite unsightly. Regularly cleaning the face not only enhances its appearance but also helps maintain the paddle's spin. But do you know how to properly maintain a kevlar pickleball paddle?

Common Misconceptions:

Due to the similar surface layer of Kevlar paddles to carbon fiber paddles, the part in contact with the ball is still the epoxy resin of the surface. Therefore, many manufacturers recommend using cleaning rubber for wiping. However, this practice can potentially cause serious damage to the Kevlar fibers. As Kevlar wears out, it exposes cluster-like structures, and using rubber at this point may pull out Kevlar fibers, damaging the paddle face.


How to Clean a Kevlar Paddle

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Before you begin, you'll need a damp microfiber cloth. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to effectively clean a Kevlar pickleball paddle:

  1. Use a slightly damp microfiber cloth to gently wipe away dust from top to bottom.
  2. Allow the paddle to air dry in a shaded area, avoiding direct sunlight.
  3. Follow up with a mild cleaning agent and use a cleaning rubber to remove any residual particles left behind after the paddle dries.

Note: Avoid using excessive moisture during wiping, and ensure the paddle is completely dry before storage to prevent moisture buildup and potential damage.

By following these simple cleaning tips, you can maintain the pristine appearance and optimal performance of your Kevlar pickleball paddle for years to come. Happy playing!

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