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How to Make Pickleball Quieter - Pakle Pickleball Company

How to Make Pickleball Quieter

I am sure you’ve heard of the famous game pickleball paddle. But did you know it is the rapidly growing sport in America for the third year in a row with numerous million players in the U.S.? So, what is it and how do you play?

Pickleball combines the elements of tennis as well as ping pong and badminton and is usually played in singles or doubles. You can play indoors or outside and the only equipment is a plastic ball with holes and a paddle. The court includes 4 serving areas and the no volley zone otherwise known as the kitchen spanning 14 feet or 7 feet on each side of the net. Pickleball paddle is a fantastic sport and is suitable for kids pickleball and youth pickleball and even for everyone.

Every year millions of persons play pickleball which leads to a rapid number of courts being built. Every state in the US and every province has pickleball courts and there are numerous courts available on the earth. In the court, there are two groups such as:

  • The first one is the person who likes the game and
  • The second one plays the game well.

Many multitude who live close to or next to a pickleball court are talking about how the noise from the game lowers their quality of life. However, using better paddles cushioning the court to absorb more sound capping play periods, and installing soundproofing materials or barriers may all help to lessen pickleball noise.

Factors Contributing to Pickleball Noise

There are other sources of noise concerns than the ball and paddle. Several more elements could be adding to the noise issue such as


A lot of pickleball facilities are really old tennis courts that have been converted. The sound of the ball rebounding against these hard surfaces is amplified.

Competencies of Members:

The more proficient the player we say the more noise they generate. With each hit the ball gains velocity and pop becomes more audible.

Rising Star Status:

This fun and accessible sport is perfect for players of all skill levels. Plus, there are some die hard fans which can mean louder spectators during games.

Additional Entrants in the Same Field: 

The courts for pickleball are less expensive than those for tennis. You can fit four pickleball courts onto a conventional tennis court by including the runoff areas. It is a noisier sport because of the more participants and the close closeness of the region. Large noise is produced by Pickleball paddle material courts.

Environmental Factors:

Houses and other neighbouring buildings have the potential to magnify and disperse the sound of the pickleball court.

When trying to find a solution that will satisfy both Picklers and their critics, it is important to take all of these things into account when evaluating the noise levels.

Choosing Quieter Equipment

Reduced-Noise Golf Balls

Pickleball balls are engineered to minimise impact noise, therefore reducing the noise caused by the game. The materials used to make these balls allow them to absorb or diffuse the impact energy, making them more quieter and less disruptive. Gamma Foam is one such example. The special foam used to make Quiet Balls cushions the impact when the ball hits the paddle, making them far less noisy.

Less Noisy Paddles

The material and design of the paddle greatly affect its ability to reduce noise. Paddles crafted from wood or other impact-absorbing materials are often less noisy. You may take it a notch further by using paddles that have rough surfaces or that use noise-dampening technology. As an example, Pakle Pickleball's Silence Series has a Polymer honeycomb core and a T700 Carbon Fibre Face, which together reduce noise. To further reduce vibrations and noise, the paddle incorporates vibration dampening technology.

Key Features

  • With a thicker core, you have more control over your shots and a quieter sound overall. When it comes to drops and dinks this is very helpful. Paddles with a thicker core let the ground stroke kinetic energy dissipate more slowly and producing a lowthud rather than a high-pitched pop. Try to find paddles whose cores are at least 16 mm thick.
  • For a more peaceful ride then look for a paddle that has a graphite or carbon fibre face. The pickleball is able to cling to the surface of the paddle for an extra microsecond before launching itself away because to these ingredients. A less noticeable impact noise is achieved by increasing the dwell time which transmits more energy from the ball to the paddle. This energy is then dissipated throughout the face.
  • The majority of modern paddles have a polypropylene honeycomb core, which greatly reduces noise. Nomex and aluminium and  two common paddle core materials, used to provide much louder and higher pitched sounds but are now considered obsolete. The polymer honeycomb core structure is now the standard for most paddles.
  • All parties involved from players to spectators will appreciate the quieter play made possible by these additions to the pickleball court.

Modify the Current Paddle

Adding edge guard tape on the pickleball paddle is an easy and efficient solution to lower the noise it makes. The sound is reduced because the vibrations caused by the ball hitting the paddle are absorbed by this tape. We show you the best ways to perform such as

Edge Cleaning:

Create that the edge of  paddle is clean and clear of any dirt before putting the tape. The tape and paddle will stay firmly attached after this.

Apply by Peeling:

Before applying the edge guard tape to your paddle, remove the backing. To make sure the tape sticks well to the paddle, press down on it.

Inserts for Dampening:

Using silencers or dampening inserts is another option for reducing paddle noise. These noise and vibration absorbing inserts go inside the paddle. The fact that they are simple to attach and remove makes them a practical choice for players who want to customize the decibel level of their paddle.

Management of Noice in the Playing Environment

Sound Barrier Regulations:

Before we dive deep, it is worth noting that adding sound barriers or using acoustic measures can help reduce the noise that escapes a pickleball court and disturbs people living nearby. However, youth pickleball paddles are the right solution for you means understanding how they work. Here are some key points:

  1. A noise barrier needs to block the view between the source of the noise and the people hearing it. For pickleball courts, this rule is super important. If neighbors can see the court from their second story windows or higher and a standard noise barrier would not block the noise. You might need a tall fence.
  2. The taller and wider the noise barrier, the fewer chances there are for noise to sneak around it.
  3. Ideally, a barrier should be twice the height and width of the noise source. Considering a pickleball court fence is usually 8 to 12 feet tall, going higher is always better.


Guide for Community:

  • Another step communities can take to reduce noise is to set specific times for when kids can play outside.
  • By choosing appropriate times for activities like pickleball usually during the day. And the appropriate equipment helps in keeping the peace for everyone living around the people with the help of a quiet pickleball paddle.
  • It is also important to remind everyone playing to be considerate and keep the noise levels down.


To wrap it up, it is fair to say that the game becomes way more fun for all and generally for those playing and watching when the noise from pickleball material is reduced. By choosing quieter equipment, tweaking your pickleball paddle shape, or even changing how and where you play, you can cut down on the racket it makes. However, remembering to be considerate of the people around you matters more than any win. And buy pickle equipment and enjoy limitless features in the game.

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