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Are Pickleball Nets the Same Height as Tennis Nets? - PAKLE

Are Pickleball Nets the Same Height as Tennis Nets?

Over the years, more people have shown interest in tennis and pickleball. Tennis is one of the official Olympic sports, and it is played all over the world. Pickleball is also gaining popularity quickly, and will soon become part of the Olympics.

Although both sports have similar gameplay and other resembling features, they still have distinct properties. Some common differences between these sports are the rules, dimensions of the courts, type of balls, and different equipment.

The tennis and pickleball net is an example of a piece of equipment that can be used to differentiate them. One common question we get is, are pickleball nets the same height as tennis nets? So how high is a pickleball net and tennis net exactly?

An Overview of Pickleball and Tennis

Overview of Pickleball History, Gameplay, and Equipment

Pickleball can be traced back to the year 1965. It was first played in the United States in a small town called Washington State. Pickleball started as a game for children but later gained popularity and support.

The pickleball court can be accurately described as a rectangle that is 20ft wide and 40 ft long. The court is divided into two equal sides by a pickleball net, which measures 34 inches at the center and 36 inches tall at the sides.

To play pickleball, you’ll need tools like pickleball rackets, a net, indoor or outdoor pickleball balls, and a comfortable outfit.

Overview of Tennis History, Gameplay, and Equipment

The origin of tennis can be traced back to France, and it started in the Middle Ages. Years later, modern tennis was introduced to England sometime around the 19th century. The rules of the game have evolved over the years, and we now have a more advanced version of tennis.

There are two types of courts for tennis, namely singles and doubles tennis courts. The singles court has a width of 27 feet and a length of 78 feet, while a doubles court is 36 feet wide and 78 feet long.

The court has a net that runs from one end to the other, and it divides the court into two equal parts. The net is 3 feet 6 inches high at the sides and 3 feet tall at the center for both doubles and singles tennis courts.

To enjoy a game of tennis, you’ll need a tennis racket, ball, and net.

Differentiating Tennis vs. Pickleball Net Height

A lot of people wonder if pickleball nets are the same height as tennis nets; we can tell you they’re not.

What are The Measurements of a Standard Pickleball Net?

Unlike tennis, pickleball games are played on the same court irrespective of singles or doubles. This point is important because it is one of the main differences between tennis and pickleball.

The National Pickleball Organization states that the height of pickleball net from the floor must be 34 inches at the center and 36 inches at the sidelines. Also, the length of the pickleball net should be 22 feet.

Furthermore, the net is designed using brightly colored metal or plastic; this is to differentiate it from the court surface. It also has a mesh design with small spaces to prevent the ball from going through the net instead of over.

What are The Measurements of a Standard Tennis Net?


The height of a tennis net is the same for doubles and singles tennis courts, but there is a difference in the length. A standard tennis net is 36 inches tall at the center and 42 inches tall at the posts. In terms of length, the net of the doubles court is usually longer due to the increased width of the court.  

Tennis nets have a meshed pattern with tiny holes to prevent the tennis ball from passing through. Some common materials used in making tennis nets are Nylon and vinyl due to their durability and toughness.

What is The Difference Between Pickleball and Tennis Nets

If you look closely, you’ll notice some differences between a tennis and pickleball net. These differences include:


The most obvious difference between the net is the height variation at the center and the sidelines.

If you Measure from the court's surface to the top of the center, a pickleball net is 34 inches tall, while the tennis net is 36 inches tall. This difference is partly because of the size of each court and the different types of balls used.


Another difference is in the length of the nets when measuring from one post to another. A pickleball net is 22 feet long and features an extra foot from each sideline. On the other hand, a tennis net measures 42 feet long for doubles and 33 feet for singles.

Overall, the length of a tennis net is greater than that of a pickleball net due to the difference in size.


Another observable difference is the material used in constructing each net. The tennis net is noticeably stronger than the pickleball net. The tennis balls are heavier than the pickleball balls and tend to pack more force. Therefore, the tennis net must have a stronger build to withstand and absorb the force.

How Does the Net Height Impact Gameplay?

If you’ve played tennis and pickleball, you’ll have noticed some things about the balls and the net. And if you’ve not played both sports, we’re here to help.

Let’s start by clarifying some facts about the ball.

A pickleball ball has holes, affecting the trajectory, speed, and weight. For those who don’t know, a pickleball ball weighs less than a tennis ball and is easily affected by air. The structure of the pickleball gives it more air resistance and greatly reduces the speed that can be attainable.

The inability of the ball to travel fast minimizes the distance and height it can cover, which explains why the pickleball court is smaller than that for tennis and why the net is lower.

Also, the presence of holes in the pickleball reduces the amount of bounce it can generate compared to a tennis ball. The standard height of the pickleball net is based on the standard ball's average bounce. So, the officiating body has set a height that will be challenging for the ball to bounce over.

The same logic applies to the tennis ball. The tennis ball is heavier than the pickleball ball and has no holes. Therefore, the tennis ball can travel faster and bounce higher than the pickleball.

The regulatory body that governs the rule of tennis has also set a standard height for the net based on the average bounce produced in a standard tennis ball. These heights ensure it won’t be too easy or impossible for the ball to bounce over.

How Does Height Affect Game Play?

With the little insight above, you can understand why there’s a difference between the heights of a pickleball and a tennis net.

Moving on, you’ll notice that despite their differences, each sport shows a similar decrease in the height of the center. The heights at the pole are slightly higher than that at the center.

As a result of this modification, pickleball, and tennis players target the center of the net to get the ball across. Aiming for the sideline increases the risk of the ball hitting the net, and it requires a certain level of expertise to execute moves over the highest parts of the net perfectly.

Other Differences and Similarities Between Pickleball and Tennis

We’ve properly discussed the differences between a pickleball net and a tennis net, but that doesn't mean there aren’t other similarities.


  • Both nets have a dip in the center and have lower heights compared to the sidelines.
  • Both nets have a mesh design to ensure the ball goes over, not through the net.
  • They are both supported by posts on each side of the court.
  • Each post is at a certain distance from the sidelines.

Some Differences between Tennis and Pickleball

The Court

Pickleball uses the same dimensions for singles and doubles games, while tennis has different court dimensions.

Furthermore, a tennis court is always bigger than a pickleball court. Sometimes, a pickleball court is sectioned out from a tennis court.


Tennis uses a tennis racket consisting of strings, while pickleball is played with a pickleball paddle.


A tennis ball is round with a fuzzy surface, while a pickleball has holes.


Tennis is older and has more fans and players than pickleball. Tennis is also more widely recognized and played in more countries.


After much research and explanation, we see that the tennis net is higher than the pickleball net. Tennis nets measure 36 inches at the center and 42 inches at the sides, while pickleball nets measure 34 inches at the center and 36 inches at the side.

The height difference can be attributed to the difference in the balls, the size of the court, and the type of racket used. Ultimately, while both sports seem similar, they have their unique features.

Having a good idea of the difference between these two sports will improve your performance and give you a better playing experience. You can get your quality pickleball accessories from here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Tennis Nets be Used for Pickleball?

You can use your tennis net for pickleball, but you must adjust the center to match the specifications. However, it is not advisable to use your pickleball nets for tennis.

Are there Convertible Nets that Can Be Used for Both Sports?

Some nets can serve both tennis and pickleball courts. Innovative companies like Pakle have these nets to help you enjoy both sports at saved costs.

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