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Pakle's advanced BRACES AND SUPPORTS

Introducing the Performance Sports Therapy Series by Brace & Support, proudly presenting Pakle – a revolutionary line of joint support gear meticulously crafted for both pickleball athletes and individuals leading an active lifestyle. Our series is designed with a commitment to excellence, employing cutting-edge braces and supports to deliver unparalleled stability, comfort, and injury prevention.

Tailored to address the specific needs of pickleball players, who often face vulnerabilities in various body parts during the intense gameplay, our series offers a customized solution for areas prone to injury, including the knees, ankles, wrists, elbows, and back. From swift lateral movements to sudden stops, our braces provide targeted support to ensure you can play at your best without compromising safety.

What sets the Performance Sports Therapy Series apart is its dedication to providing a range of protection levels. We understand that each athlete and individual has unique requirements, and therefore, our collection offers a variety of braces, sleeves, wraps, and supports, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your condition. It's all about offering a layered approach to protection.

Levels of Protection

  • 1 - Light Defense: Ideal for preventing injuries or addressing mild discomfort, sprains, and instability.
  • 2 - Moderate Defense: Perfect for reducing swelling, aiding in sprain recovery, and alleviating persistent pain.
  • 3 - Active Protection: An ideal choice for proactive injury prevention and post-operative protection.