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Once immersed in the world of carbon fiber manufacturing for 15 years, I found my true passion in pickleball in 2021. As my addiction to this sport grew, so did my frustration with the extreme disparity in pickleball paddle offerings. High-performance paddles often came with exorbitant price tags, while budget options sacrificed quality. Drawing on my manufacturing expertise, I swiftly assembled a team to create paddles boasting cutting-edge technology and unparalleled quality control, all at a remarkably low price point.

As a devoted pickleball enthusiast, I intimately understand the thrill of that first swing, the intensity of competition, and the profound satisfaction after a match. In the words of Maya Angelou, "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Our journey began as a passion project, directly addressing the needs and desires of pickleball aficionados like myself. We believe athleticism and style are not mutually exclusive, and we strive to inject more color into the game to spread the joy it brings to more players.

-Olivia Martinez, Founder & CEO


All For A better paddle

Our mission is to create superior pickleball paddles. We continuously innovate with new technologies and materials, refining our products based on feedback from professional players and enthusiasts alike. We obsess over every detail of the paddle, all to craft a better, more personalized pickleball experience just for you.


Never Compromise on Quality

We utilize cutting-edge manufacturing processes, incorporating advanced materials and technology, to ensure that every PAKLE Pickleball paddle meets high-quality standards. Each series of paddles undergoes rigorous pressure testing and thousands of impact tests to guarantee users can use our paddles worry-free for many years.


Global Insight

We never cease our research, development, and design efforts, continually enhancing performance solutions. Our team not only stays sensitive to new materials and manufacturing technologies but also engages with athletes worldwide, listening to their needs and opinions. This ensures our products meet the highest professional standards, enabling us to continually optimize and improve our paddles to meet the evolving demands of the Pickleball arena.