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What is pickleball?

1. Pickleball: The Fastest Growing Sport

Pickleball, a sport with a playful name and a growing fan base, was first invented in the 1960s. In recent years, it has gained momentum and become one of the fastest-growing sports.

Meet pickleball: the lovechild of pingpong and tennis, the perfect companion to a cold drink and good friend, and the very thing your Saturday afternoons are missing.

2. Pickleball Paddles & Courts

The pickleball paddle is kinda like a mix between a tennis racket and a ping pong paddle. The ball itself is closer in size to a tennis ball but looks more like a wiffle ball. And unlike ping pong, pickleball goes from being a tabletop game to a heart-pounding sport played on a smaller version of a tennis court.

If your town doesn't have dedicated pickleball courts, no worries! A single tennis court can host one, two, or even four separate pickleball games, making it a super space-efficient sport that everyone can enjoy.

Now, let's chat about the basics of the court. Like tennis, the pickleball court is split into two areas by a net – your side and your opponent's side. The court is kind of fenced in by the baseline at the back and the sidelines on both sides. The space within 7 feet of either side of the net is a bit of a no-no, known as the kitchen or "non-volley zone." Generally, you gotta stay out of it, but if the ball bounces in the kitchen (except for the serve), you can step in to hit the ball.

The court then goes 15 feet behind the kitchen, and this is where all your pickleball action happens (technically called the service court). If you're playing doubles, you and your partner share a side of the net. If it's singles, it's all you!

3. How to Play Pickleball

Similar to other racket sports, pickleball begins with a serve. However, in pickleball, the serve happens behind the baseline, is done underhand below your waist (like a volleyball serve but only underhand), and must land crosscourt in the opposing team’s service court. Besides a few pickleball rules, the main idea is just to pass the ball back and forth with your opponent – super simple. Check out the "How to Play Pickleball" video by'USAPA' for more details.


4. How to Win Pickleball

Besides a good attitude, a healthy dose of optimism, and catlike reflexes, what do you need in order to win pickleball match? Here’s the scoop:

  • Score 11 points to win
  • Win by 2 points
  • Win the best of three matches (often, but not always!)


Here's the scoop on what you need to win a pickleball match—aside from a good attitude, a healthy dose of optimism, and catlike reflexes.

1. Perfect Pickleball Paddles

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2. Durable Pickleball

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3. Pickleball Bag

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