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What is USA Pickleball Approved?

USA Pickleball Association

Pickleball, as one of the fastest-growing sports in recent years in the United States, has several key organizations overseeing rules, promoting its development, and supporting grassroots growth. The USA Pickleball Association is one such organization employed to oversee players across the United States

What does Approved by USA Pickleball mean?

You've definitely heard the terms "USAPA Approved" or, more lately, "USA Pickleball Approved" somewhere in the pickleball community. We'll assist you in defining the phrase if you're not familiar with it. If you are already aware of it, we'll explain what it means for your pickleball game.

The distinction between "USAPA" and "USA Pickleball" comes first. In essence, there is no distinction. The American Pickleball Association recently changed its name. Consequently, the meaning of the two phrases is the same. You'll eventually stop seeing "USAPA." But if you notice it persisting in the near future, don't be alarmed. It is merely an earlier version of what is currently known as USA Pickleball.

How does USAPA affect you?

A USA Pickleball Approved paddle is essential if you routinely compete in leagues or tournaments. We do not advise using anything else. This will enable you to participate in any tournament with the assurance that there won't be any obstacles in your way.

If you typically play just for fun, feel free to use any paddle you like, regardless of USA Pickleball approval. However, we recommend at least wielding a paddle approved by USA Pickleball. Based on our experience, playing with a Pickleball-approved paddle is a sport that grows on you with each game. Having a paddle ready for competition can elevate your skills at any time.

Want to check the verification of your paddle?

Click the button below and enter your model number (that you will see right above the grip where the paddle starts) or search "Vivid Sports" under "Maunfacturer"

RAPID STRIKE paddles - USA Pickleball Approved

RAPID STRIKE pickleball paddle has passed USAPA testing and can be used for tournament play.

Is USAPA certification mandatory?

For those who don't intend to participate in professional competitions and prefer casual games with friends or family, you have the flexibility to choose a non-USAPA certified paddle. This allows you to select a paddle based on aesthetics and patterns that suit your preferences.

As a manufacturer certified by USA Pickleball, PAKLE ensures that all our paddles meet the highest design and manufacturing standards. We offer paddles designed specifically for beginners and children, providing an excellent learning curve for newcomers to the sport. While these paddles meet design standards, they are not suitable for professional competitions.

Once you've mastered the fundamental techniques, we highly recommend transitioning to a high-performance USAPA-approved paddle from PAKLE.

The Best beginner paddles

Tailored for beginners and children, this entry-level fiberglass paddle

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