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Can You Play Pickleball on Grass? - PAKLE

Can You Play Pickleball on Grass?


Pickleball was invented in the USA and combines the features of tennis, ping pong, and badminton. Recently, The Sports and Fitness Industry Association recorded that almost five million people now play Pickleball. In the last three years, many people have gravitated towards Pickleball. The sport has become a favorite for a lot of people.


All this recent growth raises the question; what is so special about Pickleball?


 Two major things make pickleball special. First, you can play Pickleball with anyone regardless of their age. Second, there's no restriction on location when it comes to Pickleball. There are Outdoor Pickleballs as well as Indoor pickleball. It all boils down to your preference.


Are you a lover of nature? Do you like to play on the lawn or grass? Then Pakle has the best outdoor pickleballs for you! It might interest you to know that pickleball can be played and enjoyed on grass. However, there are some important things you need to do and know if you want to play outdoor pickleball on grass. Let's go through some of these things together!


Understanding Pickleball Play Surfaces


You need good surfaces to enjoy a pickleball game. The court surface is very important for every pickleball game. A pickleball court has regulated dimensions to ensure fair play and adherence to rules. The dimensions state the pickleball net height, shape, and size of the playing areas as well as the location of the non-volley area.


Unlike the dimensions, surfaces are not regulated. This means you can decide to go for any surface that you like. These are some surfaces you can use to play Pickleball:

  • Asphalt: It is the most common type of Pickleball surface area. Asphalt floors are durable and affordable. Even though they assure you a good play, they can be prone to cracks. Hence, regular maintenance is required.


  • Concrete: Concrete surfaces are durable but are more expensive than asphalt surfaces. They also crack easily but you can minimize cracking by maintaining the surface.


  • Indoor Gyms: You can successfully convert an indoor gym into a pickleball court. Gym floors often come with striping, professional coatings, and everything you need to play pickleball.


  • Floors: You can convert a floor into a pickleball court. It is ideal because the floor is often hard and it will help the ball bounce very smoothly. You just need to follow the dimensions and boom! It'll be as though you were organizing a pickleball World Cup.


There are also some major characteristics that your pickleball surface must have. They are;

  • Go for a location with minimal slope. It is best to use a flat surface for you to enjoy your game.
  • Do not go to a windy location. You do not want the wind to snatch your ball away while playing.
  • Make sure the site can be easily accessible. This is necessary for anyone you're playing with or even the spectators.
  • Position your court in the North-South direction. The positioning will block any directional glare during peak hours.
  • Follow the standard court dimensions when marking your surface. This will ensure fair play.


Playing Pickleball on Grass: Considerations

We have earlier established that you can play Pickleball on grass. Some things make playing on the grass different from standardized locations. Follow the pickleball paddle selection guide below to have a good play on grass:


1. Surface Texture and Ball Behavior

A grass surface is softer and spongier when compared to an Asphalt or Concrete surface. Unlike asphalt and concrete surfaces that help the ball bounce easily. This invariably means that the surface does not bounce as much because the surface is not hard.


To be fair, this can make pickleball a bit harder to play. When the ball bounces slower, getting the ball into the net will prove difficult. The case is different when it comes to synthetic grasses. Synthetic grasses are firmer and can help your ball bounce better even if it won't be as good as traditional surfaces.

2. Movement and Footwear

The uneven nature of grass can make it difficult to move and play well. The surface comes with bumps and dips which may hinder movement. You need to have proper equipment to play effectively on grass. One of these will include your footwear. A perfect recommendation would be shoes with good traction. Go for shoes with rubber and nonslip soles. This type of shoe will help you easily maneuver your way on the grass.


3. Equipment Adjustments

When you want to play Pickleball on grass, keep in mind that the weather determines quite many things. One of these things includes the kind of paddles and balls you use. On rainy days grass surfaces require some type of equipment as opposed to sunny days.


The usual pickleball balls and paddles might not work for a grass surface. Use a rubber ball when you want to play on grass surfaces. Rubber balls are plastic and they can bounce well even on grasses. Make sure the ball isn't too heavy too. As for your paddle, choose the one that you are accustomed to.

Setting Up a Grass Pickleball Court

Now that you know about playing pickleball outdoors. It’s time to learn how to set up a grass pickleball court.

Marking the Court

A pickleball court usually has a playing area of 20 feet by 44 feet. Find the flattest part of your lawn and fit in these dimensions. These dimensions will be the base for your grass pickleball court. Use a measuring tape to measure the dimensions. Avoid the temptation of roughly calculating. Your baseline should be 20 feet wide and the sidelines should be 44 feet long.


Use spray paint to draw the lines and mark out court dimensions on the grass. Make sure the lines are straight. Measure a straight line from the net on any side of the court to draw a straight line across the court. This will give you your non-volley area. Afterward, find the center of the non-volley line and mark it as well.


Net Setup

You can decide to use the normal Pickleball net height for a grass pickleball. It is better to set up a portable net. This net should measure 34 inches at the sideline and 36 inches in the middle.

Maintenance Tips

Maintaining a grass court is very important if you want to have a stress-free game. A grass court should be mowed frequently as this would affect how well or how badly the ball bounces. If you have a grass court that you haven't mowed in a while, now is the best time to!


Grass lawns should be mowed and watered daily. This will help to keep the grass leveled to avoid any bumps.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing on Grass

Just like every other thing, some advantages and disadvantages are attached to playing pickleball on grass. Let's go through some of them.



  • Reduced Impact on Joints Due to Softer Surface: Grass surfaces provide better landing as opposed to Asphalt or Concrete surfaces. This will help you to land softly on the ground minimizing injuries and joint pains.
  • The Aesthetic and Enjoyment of Playing Outdoors in a Natural Setting: Imagine this — you are playing outdoor pickleball on the grass with your friends while the cool breeze is hitting your face. That will be fun and wholesome. The outdoor environment makes the game even more enjoyable.



  • Inconsistent Ball Bounce and Play Speed: Grass surfaces are not as level and hard as traditional surfaces. This will lead to uneven ball bounces. It can even change the trajectory or the ball. You might also find it quite difficult to maneuver your way through the grass.


  • Higher Maintenance Requirements Compared to Traditional Courts: Grass surfaces require regular maintenance which traditional surfaces do not always demand. You have to regularly mow and water the grass.


Tips for Enjoyable Pickleball Play on Grass

We have established that playing on grass surfaces can be a bit different from regular surfaces. Here are some tips you can follow to have a better outdoor pickleball experience.


  • Adjusting Play Style for Success on Grass: You need to see how your playing style fits the surface on which you are playing. Grass courts are great for controlling and finesse players. Power players might face a bit of struggle on grass courts.


  • Organizing Casual Games Vs. Competitive Play on Grass: Grass pickleball courts can accommodate both casual games and competitive games. The question now is which game is better played on grass courts. Honestly, leave competitive gamesfor the standard pickleball courts. You can enjoy casual games with your families and friends on grass courts.


  • Safety Precautions to Minimize The Risk of Injury: Take safety precautions when you are playing on a grass court. It is better to not play on rainy days because the grass might be slippery. Also, your footwear is very important— you do not want to fall on your face.



Pickleball is commonly called a bonding sport. This is because it is a great way to bond with family, friends, and even acquaintances. Where is the perfect place to bond with your clan if not outdoors?


You can enjoy grass pickleball as long as you follow instructions. Ensure to get all your equipment from Pakle and you’re good to go. You also have to set up your court to make it look like a standard pickleball court. Take caution as well — remember, it's all about safely having fun.


Do not be discouraged by the number of things you need to successfully play Pickleball outside. Remember, you can enjoy pickleball anywhere!

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