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Do I need knee brace for pickleball? - Pakle Pickleball Company

Do I need knee brace for pickleball?

Pickleball is a sport that blends elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, gaining popularity across various age groups in recent years. While it may appear to be a low-impact activity, pickleball involves rapid lateral movements, sudden stops, and directional changes similar to tennis, which can actually put significant strain on your joints, especially the knees.

Even though knee protection may not be a necessity for playing pickleball, many pickleball players seek additional support for their knees to prevent potential injuries, and easily wearable knee braces are often the preferred choice. In this blog post, we will delve into the reasons why knee protection is beneficial for pickleball players, explore the best types of knee braces for pickleball, and provide guidance on how and when to use them for maximum effectiveness.

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Pickleball involves frequent lateral movements, rapid changes in direction, and sudden acceleration or deceleration, placing increased stress on the knees. Over time, this repetitive strain can lead to conditions such as patellar tendinitis, ligament sprains, and even osteoarthritis. Knee protection serves as a crucial preventative measure, offering stability, support, and compression layers for the knee joint. Knee braces not only serve as effective prevention but also provide benefits for individuals recovering from knee injuries or surgeries.

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Stability and Support

Pickleball athletes often face situations of knee joint instability, especially during rapid lateral movements. Knee protection, particularly unload knee braces, aims to provide targeted support, reducing the risk of injury. Unload knee braces effectively redistribute the impact force of the load away from the knee, thus alleviating pressure on the joint.

Knee Compression

Knee protection can appropriately compress the muscles around the knee, aiding in improved blood circulation and reducing overall inflammation. This is crucial for pickleball athletes as it contributes to faster recovery after intense matches or practices. The pressure provided by knee braces not only supports the joint but also helps alleviate existing pain and swelling, promoting quicker healing.



Understanding when and how to use knee protection is crucial for optimizing its benefits and making the most of knee support. Here are the three most common applications:

Preventive Use

Consider using knee protection preventively, especially if you have a history of knee issues or are biologically predisposed to injuries. Unloading knee braces, in particular, are highly suitable as a preventive measure, helping to avoid potential problems before they occur or worsen.

Recovery Use

If you are recovering from a knee injury or dealing with chronic pain, wearing knee protection during pickleball matches or practice can provide essential support and protection. Ensure that the support is snug but not too tight to ensure normal blood circulation.


Post-Activity Support

Wearing knee protection during the recovery period after intense pickleball training can help reduce inflammation and promote stability. Specifically, the compressive function of knee braces, such as unloaders, is particularly useful at this stage.



1. PAKLE-Knee Compression Brace

The PAKLE-Knee Compression Brace is specifically designed to address conditions such as osteoarthritis. Its functionality lies in redistributing weight and additional pressure away from the affected areas of the knee joint, providing relief and support while maintaining the knee's mobility. Pickleball athletes may already be dealing with early signs of injury or arthritis, and those seeking proactive measures to prevent their onset can greatly benefit from the use of knee protection.

2. PAKLE Knee Support Brace

Another suitable option for pickleball athletes is the knitted knee support brace. These braces provide stability to the knee joint while allowing for a natural range of motion. The elastic fabric helps control and limit excessive movement, reducing the risk of injury during intense activities and complex movements while playing.

Making the Right Decisions

In fast-paced sports like pickleball, taking proactive measures to protect your knees is crucial for the longevity of the sport and all athletic activities. Knee protection, especially unloading knee braces, provides a combination of stability, support, and compression, significantly enhancing your performance while reducing the risk of injury. Whether you're a seasoned pickleball player or a beginner, choosing the right knee protection and using it effectively can have a profound impact on your overall experience on the court and the health of your knees.

If you are in search of unloading knee braces for prevention, injury, or post-surgery recovery, consider PAKLE Knee Braces. Customized for pickleball, these braces are designed to unload up to 40 pounds of weight from the knee while weighing less than 1 pound themselves.

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