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Pickleball Elbow Braces. Do They Work? - Pakle Pickleball Company

Pickleball Elbow Braces. Do They Work?

ELBOWS! To Brace or not To Brace, that is the question!

Do elbow braces really work? This is a common question posed to physiotherapists, especially among golfers, tennis players, or pickleball enthusiasts. However, their effectiveness largely depends on the accuracy of the elbow diagnosis. Typically, they are most beneficial for cases of true tendonitis in the flexor or extensor tendons caused by overuse. If you experience grip-related pain, weakness, and tenderness around the outer elbow, an elbow brace coupled with physiotherapy treatment could be the solution you've been looking for.

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What is the purpose of wearing an elbow brace? When worn correctly, the idea is that it compresses the muscle belly, reducing the exertion of force. As a result, less tension and strain are applied to the tendon, reducing pain, promoting healing, and allowing you to continue your sport or activity. It's important to clarify that we're referring to an elbow "brace," not a "sleeve.


  • How to wear an elbow brace: While the name suggests wearing it on your elbow, it's actually best placed on your forearm, just below the elbow. Locate the big muscle in your forearm and position the padded part of the brace over it, leaving about an inch of skin visible between the elbow crease and the brace. Tighten the brace until it feels comfortably snug.
  • How long to wear an elbow brace: Elbow braces should only be worn during activities that cause pain or involve repetitive hand and wrist motions. Keep in mind that activities like shoveling, raking, or prolonged hammer use can also cause this injury. The brace isn't limited to sports—it's for any activity involving excessive and prolonged hand gripping.
  • Should I wear an elbow brace at night? Only wear it during painful, uncomfortable, or repetitive activities. Avoid wearing elbow braces while sleeping or at rest.
  • How tight should an elbow brace be? The brace should be tight, but not excessively so. Apply enough tension to dissipate soreness without affecting circulation. Finding the right tension may take a few tries.

Elbow tendinitis can be frustrating, often returning after seeming improvement. Physiotherapists address this puzzle, considering factors like tendonitis, nerve issues from the neck/shoulder complex, or elbow joint dysfunction. Tailored treatment may involve elbow joint mobilizations, massage, acupuncture, dry needling, strength exercises, grip adjustments, technique modifications, icing, and pacing under a physiotherapist's guidance.

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