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The Best Pickleball Paddles for Beginners - Pakle Pickleball Company

The Best Pickleball Paddles for Beginners

Pickleball has rapidly gained popularity in the United States, with over a million players joining the sport each year. Amidst intense competition among manufacturers to provide top-quality pickleball paddles, the market offers a plethora of choices to cater to the growing user demand.

With such a wide array of options available, beginners may find themselves overwhelmed. Each paddle possesses unique qualities, and the challenge lies in knowing how to select the product that suits your needs.

Designs, quality, and prices of pickleball paddles vary. Understanding the paddle's quality will equip you with the knowledge needed to choose the paddle that best suits you.

Keep reading to discover the pickleball paddles on the market that are most suitable for beginners.


What factors should be considered when purchasing a Pickleball paddle?

For beginners, the goal is to enhance your skills. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a paddle that is comfortable enough for easy entry and sturdy enough to improve your learning curve over time.

When selecting a Pickleball paddle, there are key aspects to consider, such as:

1. Weight of the Pickleball Paddle

The weight of the paddle directly impacts your gameplay, influencing your swing speed and power. Paddles are generally available in three categories:

Lightweight: 6.7-7 oz
Ideal for young beginners and those with wrist or arm health concerns, lightweight paddles offer easier control but compromise power.

Medium Weight: 7.3-8.4 oz
Preferred by most players, medium-weight paddles strike a balance between power and control.

Heavyweight: Over 8.5 oz
Best suited for strong players, heavyweight paddles deliver powerful hits but may compromise control, posing potential wrist or arm strain during extended gameplay.

2. The Materials of Pickleball Paddles

Pickleball paddles come with various core and face materials. The internal honeycomb core provides stability and determines weight and shape.

External components or facing that contacts the ball can be made of aluminum, Nomex, or polymer. Nomex paddles offer ample control but have less power and generate more noise. Polymer paddles are softer, quieter, deliver more power, but sacrifice some control. Aluminum paddles, with higher density, provide less power but excellent control.

Facing materials typically include carbon fiber, fiberglass, or graphite. Fiberglass is beginner-friendly, ensuring maximum power at a lower cost. Although graphite is durable, it offers medium control and less power.

Carbon fiber, known for its toughness and durability, provides excellent control and powerful shots, making it suitable for advanced and intermediate pickleball enthusiasts.

3. Grip of the Pickleball Paddle

The thickness and circumference of the grip on Pickleball paddles vary, and the right grip depends on the size of your hand. If your hand is larger, you'll need a greater circumference, and vice versa.

Using the wrong circumference can lead to difficulties in grasping and controlling the paddle. The best way to determine the appropriate grip size is to choose the grip length based on your palm size. Refer to the following for specific methods.

  • Raise your dominant palm, and observe the three main creases. Use a ruler to measure from the middle crease of your palm to the tip of your ring finger. This measurement indicates the ideal grip size. When in doubt between two sizes, opt for the smaller one.


4.Edge Guard
The inclusion of an edge guard is optional, depending on personal preference. Opting for an edge guard can provide protection for your paddle in case it falls during a match. However, it comes with drawbacks, such as occupying surface area in contact with the ball and adding some weight.

While edgeless paddles incorporate a protective layer of composite materials, their effectiveness is not on par with that of an edge guard.
What’s Best Pickleball Paddles for Beginners in PAKLE?

Our Foundation Paddle is a lightweight, medium-weight series designed specifically for beginners, featuring a sturdy 4.5-inch handle. With its broad fiberglass face and a performance-enhancing honeycomb polymer core, it's the perfect first paddle for novices.

Boasting a smooth fiberglass surface and an expansive sweet spot, it aids in control and striking. The standard grip size is 4.5" with a circumference of approximately 4.25". The handle is wrapped in non-slip tape, designed to absorb sweat and minimize vibration for an enhanced playing experience.



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